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“I’ll Eat You Last” Serves Up Power, Fame, Obsession

I'll Eat You Last

Originally published at “I’ll eat you last” is the caustic last sentence the renowned Hollywood talent agent Sue Mengers imparts to clients who left her or displeased her. Her promise or threat best represents her wit and confidence. Set in the 70s, John Logan’s one woman show takes place on an elegant antique settee, … Read more

“Chinglish” Mingles Language & Politics In Brilliant Comedy


Originally published at In his crafty comedy “Chinglish,” David Henry Hwang forces us to face the consequences of rampant cultural misinterpretations. His characters play a game of deception that feels like a British spy comedy set in China. Hwang jumps into the gap between Chinese and U.S. culture, while Jeffrey Lo directs a brilliant … Read more

“Where Did We Sit on the Bus?” Rolls to a Stop

Where Did We Sit on the Bus

Originally published at In class at a young age, Satya Chávez attempts to understand the defiance of Rosa Parks, a Black woman, when she sat down in the white people’s section on a segregated bus. Chávez, as a Brown girl, innocently asks the teacher: “Where did we sit on the bus?” Thanks to the dynamic work … Read more

“Boeing Boeing” Flies Us Into Deception & Folly

Boeing Boeing

Originally published at “Boeing Boeing,” a 1960s jet-set farce, is the world’s most frequently performed French play.  It was first staged in English in London in 1964, two years before Benicia Theatre Group opened in the grand Divino Espirito Santo Hall. Now, Benicia has revived this light-hearted, fast-paced frolic to my delight. The bright … Read more