Front Row Reviews


Fences at 6th St Playhouse

“Fences” Spotlights 1950’s Racism   Photo: Mark Anthony (Cory), Val Sinckler (Rose), and Keene Hudson (Troy). Photos: Eric Chazankin 6th Street Playhouse presents a captivating production of August Wilson’s renowned play, “Fences,” that skillfully captures the emotional landscape of the African-American experience in the 1950s. Set in 1957, the narrative revolves around the 53-year-old, edgy … Read more

Swimming With Lesbians

“Swimming With Lesbians” Embarks on a Romantic Voyage by Patricia L. Morin Marga Gomez’s comedic 14th solo show, “Swimming With Lesbians,” at The Marsh, launches us on a wild ride aboard the Celesbian, the lesbian cruise ship headed to the Isle of Lesbo. Using her experience as a lesbian cruise-ship entertainer, she introduces a potpourri … Read more

“NUNCRACKER” Spreads Hilarious Holiday Humor


It’s been quite some time since I laughed this hard. Playwright Dan Goggin’s “Little Sisters of Hoboken” and Father Virgil bring full-speed humor to the stage. From handing random audience members tokens upon entry and quipping, “It’s been a while since you’ve been to confession,” we are thoroughly entertained. What a respite in a world … Read more

“White Christmas”: A vibrant remake of a classic

In the midst of today’s chaotic world, Coastal Repertory Theatre’s production of “White Christmas” swiftly draws us into the holiday spirit. The infectious “feel-good” atmosphere is accentuated by an impressive multi-set, meticulously crafted by Doug McCurdy. The production radiates vitality through its blend of songs, music, and dance. We are enveloped in a wondrous and … Read more

“Guys and Dolls”: Everything Old is New Again

by Patricia L. Morin I used to relish my New Jersey family’s yearly trip to New York’s Times Square at Christmas time. The bright neon lights from various theaters shining down on us, and the hustle and bustle of elegantly dressed people carrying their exquisitely wrapped packages. The Christmas shows, the Rockettes, the music, the … Read more

“1984” Portrays the Horror of Subjugation

  by Patricia L. Morin — Front Row Review Top photo: Joseph Patrick O’Malley. Photos by Kevin Berne.  Aurora’s groundbreaking adaptation of “1984,” skillfully crafted by the versatile Michael Gene Sullivan, serves as a stark reminder that Orwell’s dystopian vision is now our reality. Many might not remember the whole tale of “1984” but know the … Read more

“Deathtrap” Spins a Delightful Web of Greed and Deception


Benicia’s “Deathtrap” is a gripping dark comedy that maintains tension throughout, leaving the audience in suspense about who can be trusted, and who will survive.  In this captivating play, frustrated Sidney Bruhl (Joe Fitzgerald), a once-successful playwright from Westport, Connecticut, sits in his large Victorian wooden-beamed study with an antique desk, old typewriter, and phone. … Read more

“The Engine of Our Distruption” exposes corruption abuse of AI

The Engine of Our Disruption

Originally published at Through a unique comedic lens, Patricia Milton targets the growing unethical use of AI by corrupt corporations. A ridiculous company called “Bubble”—a stand in for Google— is struggling to recover from scandals. The conniving CEO Xtopher Wolf (Mike Tuton) needs a “public face” to hide their abuses. Wolf creates a position, … Read more

“Nollywood Dreams” Makes Fun of Hollywood Types in Nigeria

Nollywood Dreams

Originally published at As one Nigerian sister exclaims, “When it hits, it hits,” and SF Playhouse’s “Nollywood Dreams” has struck gold. In Jocelyn Bioh’s satirical comedy, set in the 1990s Nigerian movie industry, we experience the early stages of Hollywood film-making. Director Margo Hall takes us under the skin of a soap-opera, making fun … Read more

“Overlooked Latinas” Celebrates Gender Fluid & Lesbian Lovers

Tina D'Elia

Originally published at The premise of “Overlooked Latinas” is brilliant. Tina D’Elia spotlights the political power of famous 1930s to 50s Latina movie stars in her gripping solo show about Angel, an aspiring lesbian TV writer. As Angel the screenwriter, D’Elia depicts how these mid-Twentieth Century Latinx stars activated a cultural revolution. D’Elia plays … Read more