Front Row Reviews

“Who’s-Dead McCarthy” Speaks to Our Inner Selves

Word for Word and Z Space Z Space’s artistic Word for Word program blends the genres of story-telling and theatre. Each word of a classic short story spoken as well as enacted.  In “Who’s-Dead McCarthy,” Director Paul Finocchiaro perceptively tunes into the work of renowned Irish novelist and short-story artist Kevin Barry. He then empowers … Read more

“Noises Off” Spins Social Interactions into Comedy Gold   

Novato Theater Company Michael Frayn’s “Noises Off” is a sharp, witty, and intricately twisted laugh-out-loud farce about a play that is, in itself, a farce. It hilariously explores human behaviors, their complexities, follies, and deceits. Under Carl Jordan’s creatively honed direction, this fast-paced comedy leaps from order to chaos, mirroring our tumultuous society. A Bay … Read more