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I’ve launched Front Row Review, an off-spring of Theatrius, a well-known theatre review group headed by esteemed editor Barry Horwitz, director, actor, and teacher. I have reviewed many plays in my four-year association with Theatrius.

I’m a licensed psychotherapist in NY and CA with over 30 years’ experience. Outside the psychology world, I am also licensed as an herbalist (American herbs) and a Pilot (single engine). I have four short-story mystery collections published: Mystery Montage, Crime Montage, Confetti, and Deadly Illusions.

In 2012, I wrote my first short play, “The Gatekeeper,” a story about Camille, who claims the Gatekeeper of Buried Emotions buried the wrong feeling, “anger.” Camille wants it back, and to have mistrust buried instead. The play swept the awards at the Fringe of Marin, and thus began my playwriting career. In 2019, “Hit List” won the Best Short Play of the year at Playwrights’ Center of San Francisco.

My theatre life actually began when I was six. Mom worked in New York City and was obsessed with theatre. The PLAYBILLs on the Front Row Review theatre banner are from both our collections. I attended live theatre monthly. Thrilled with plays at an early age, “Hello Dolly” with Carol Channing awed me—the glitz, the music, the color and the lights. Now, I am awed by Bay Area plays, especially when unfolding questions that spotlight the human condition.  

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