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“Deathtrap” Spins a Delightful Web of Greed and Deception


Benicia’s “Deathtrap” is a gripping dark comedy that maintains tension throughout, leaving the audience in suspense about who can be trusted, and who will survive.  In this captivating play, frustrated Sidney Bruhl (Joe Fitzgerald), a once-successful playwright from Westport, Connecticut, sits in his large Victorian wooden-beamed study with an antique desk, old typewriter, and phone. … Read more

“Boeing Boeing” Flies Us Into Deception & Folly

Boeing Boeing

Originally published at “Boeing Boeing,” a 1960s jet-set farce, is the world’s most frequently performed French play.  It was first staged in English in London in 1964, two years before Benicia Theatre Group opened in the grand Divino Espirito Santo Hall. Now, Benicia has revived this light-hearted, fast-paced frolic to my delight. The bright … Read more