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“1984” Portrays the Horror of Subjugation

  by Patricia L. Morin — Front Row Review Top photo: Joseph Patrick O’Malley. Photos by Kevin Berne.  Aurora’s groundbreaking adaptation of “1984,” skillfully crafted by the versatile Michael Gene Sullivan, serves as a stark reminder that Orwell’s dystopian vision is now our reality. Many might not remember the whole tale of “1984” but know the … Read more

“Born With Teeth” Exposes Two Poets’ Love & Terror

Born with Teeth

Originally published at “Born With Teeth” is a dynamic presentation of theater art directed by Josh Costello who brings us an electrifying encounter between two opposing brilliant minds. Playwright Liz Duffy Adams orchestrates combative meetings between the obstinate, renowned playwright, Christopher “Kit” Marlowe (powerful Dean Linnard), and the unknown, aspiring Will Shakespeare (intriguing Brady … Read more