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“The Dignity Circle” Questions Identity & Power

The Dignity Circle

Originally published at “The Dignity Circle” engages us from the first words spoken: “What would you do with 40,000 dollars?” Although not a massive amount of money these days, it is very enticing when your bank account nears zero and you depend on a spouse to keep you. Self-effacing Judith (versatile Rebecca Pingree) cannot … Read more

“In the Evening by the Moonlight” Hansberry, Baldwin, Simone Live Again

In the Evening By the Moonlight

Originally published at “In the Evening by the Moonlight”—by Traci Tolmaire with Margo Hall—honors Lorraine Hansberry, James Baldwin, and Nina Simone. We see them in 1963, when they were young artists fighting racism. We are introduced to three of the most influential 20th Century artists in a crowded New York apartment. Very ill, Hansberry … Read more