Front Row Reviews

“Overlooked Latinas” Celebrates Gender Fluid & Lesbian Lovers

Tina D'Elia

Originally published at The premise of “Overlooked Latinas” is brilliant. Tina D’Elia spotlights the political power of famous 1930s to 50s Latina movie stars in her gripping solo show about Angel, an aspiring lesbian TV writer. As Angel the screenwriter, D’Elia depicts how these mid-Twentieth Century Latinx stars activated a cultural revolution. D’Elia plays … Read more

“The Addams Family” Explodes With Music & Fun

The Addams Family

Originally published at As the old TV theme song goes: “They’re creepy and they’re kooky, mysterious and spooky,” and never lost for words or songs. The magnanimous and quirky Addams family entertains us from a mansion in the middle of Central Park. The optimistic love bug Uncle Fester (Pat Barr) announces that their lower … Read more

“Grandma & Me: An Ode To Single Parents” Celebrates Love

Brian Copeland

Originally published at Brian Copeland greets us as though we were friends whom he invited into his living room to hear a personal story. He amuses us with a tale about spending $100 on his family genealogy, just to discover they came from Africa! Then he pulls out an imaginary paper from an imagined … Read more

“Born With Teeth” Exposes Two Poets’ Love & Terror

Born with Teeth

Originally published at “Born With Teeth” is a dynamic presentation of theater art directed by Josh Costello who brings us an electrifying encounter between two opposing brilliant minds. Playwright Liz Duffy Adams orchestrates combative meetings between the obstinate, renowned playwright, Christopher “Kit” Marlowe (powerful Dean Linnard), and the unknown, aspiring Will Shakespeare (intriguing Brady … Read more