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“The Engine of Our Distruption” exposes corruption abuse of AI

The Engine of Our Disruption

Originally published at Through a unique comedic lens, Patricia Milton targets the growing unethical use of AI by corrupt corporations. A ridiculous company called “Bubble”—a stand in for Google— is struggling to recover from scandals. The conniving CEO Xtopher Wolf (Mike Tuton) needs a “public face” to hide their abuses. Wolf creates a position, … Read more

“Nollywood Dreams” Makes Fun of Hollywood Types in Nigeria

Nollywood Dreams

Originally published at As one Nigerian sister exclaims, “When it hits, it hits,” and SF Playhouse’s “Nollywood Dreams” has struck gold. In Jocelyn Bioh’s satirical comedy, set in the 1990s Nigerian movie industry, we experience the early stages of Hollywood film-making. Director Margo Hall takes us under the skin of a soap-opera, making fun … Read more