Front Row Reviews

“Miriam and Esther go to the Diamond District” Fails to Sparkle

Andrea Gordon’s world premiere of “Miriam and Esther go to the Diamond District” at the Magic Theatre blends a fictionalized autobiography, fantasy, opera, and dancing. The plot line is a predictable siblings-come-together-after-parent-dies tale. Miriam and Esther, daughters of a renowned pianist and opera-singing mother, find themselves back in their childhood home after the recent passing of … Read more


Fences at 6th St Playhouse

“Fences” Spotlights 1950’s Racism   Photo: Mark Anthony (Cory), Val Sinckler (Rose), and Keene Hudson (Troy). Photos: Eric Chazankin 6th Street Playhouse presents a captivating production of August Wilson’s renowned play, “Fences,” that skillfully captures the emotional landscape of the African-American experience in the 1950s. Set in 1957, the narrative revolves around the 53-year-old, edgy … Read more

Swimming With Lesbians

“Swimming With Lesbians” Embarks on a Romantic Voyage by Patricia L. Morin Marga Gomez’s comedic 14th solo show, “Swimming With Lesbians,” at The Marsh, launches us on a wild ride aboard the Celesbian, the lesbian cruise ship headed to the Isle of Lesbo. Using her experience as a lesbian cruise-ship entertainer, she introduces a potpourri … Read more